Jill Gocher is a well published photographer known for her evocative imagery specialising in travel and the human condition. Exotic is what gets her senses alive and the more remote the area, the happier she is. An unfamiliar world is always arousing whether it be visiting with desert folk, or simple villages on remote roads. People are her especial love and what she has discovered is, that, basically, we are all the same, responding to the same stimuli, the same smiles. It is just that the more remote people are more honest about it. She will never forget the way a Tibetan nomad will scrutinize you, seeing you, reading you before action. Indian villagers are similar. You can look into a person’s face and see them even as they see who you are.

Her work has been exhibited and published extensively. Jill’s work has been published in Singapore, The United States under Simon and Shuster, Fodors, Uk, France, Indonesia and more. She is represented by Getty, and she loves to work with magazines and galleries.

Contact: jillgocher@gmail.com